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Welcome and thank you for deciding to learn with Dachosen.edu. This University is developed for people who would are interested in learning about subject matter in non-traditional learning environments. DaChosen Publishing was established in 1997 to provide creative people an outlet to publish and distribute their works and idea. As the leader in intellectual property management, we travel the country presenting various workshops to enable people to gain a business sense in the development and promotion of their communities, works, and ideas.

 Thanks to Myicourse we are now able to present these workshops as courses. This will allow us interact with students over a period of time, rather than presenting the information and leaving; see students through the process to ensure success  in learning the materials presented; and most of all we are able to reach people who were unable to travel to workshop locations.  

Please feel free to review our courses and their descriptions. Check back regularly, if you do not see a course you were looking for, as we are always introducing new courses to fit the need of individuals business and communities. We also have Train the Trainer courses where you can train your staff to train your community. We welcome your feedback as to the type of courses you would like to see presented at this university.

For more information about DaChosen Publishing and its Products, Project and Community Endeavors go to www.dachosen.org